The natural areas

The town of Torreilles stretches over an area of more than 1700 ha: from the village to the beach, it is made up of a mosaic of cultures (apricots, lettuces, artichokes... and even reeds!) and protected natural areas. The whole area is criss-crossed by a large network of rivers, canals and streams running into the Mediterranean .

Something that just has to be discovered on an outing around our lands!

A "Station Verte" green enclave

A bearer of this sign since 2009, our commune is proud to form part of this network that gathers over 600 towns in France. But exactly what is this?

A "Station verte" is first of all a place that is respectful of its environment. The label is intended to enhance a so-called " nature" tourism with a human dimension.

A certain number of criteria are essential for achieving this, but being a "station verte" above all amounts to offering quality services and pleasures in a universe of Nature:

  • nature that is respected and conserved
  • a range of stays to suit all tastes
  • places and activities to enjoy and share
  • an entrance door to the terroirs

Our commune strives each day to maintain and develop its commitments. Being part of this great national network is highly rewarding !

Label ville et village fleuris

Rich with almost 60 years of history, the label of flowered towns and villages mobilizes almost a third of French municipalities, more than 4,700 of them are labeled. Evolving with the expectations of citizens, the label is now committed to issues such as improving the living environment, developing the local economy, attracting tourists, respecting the environment, preserving of social ties and especially the place of plants in the development of public spaces. The city of Torreilles has been labeled two Flowers since 2019.

Jumelage park

Located in the centre of Torreilles-village on the site of ancient gardens, this is the true green lung of the city of multiple essences. Olive trees, pines, eucalyptus, oleanders, Judas trees...follow each other over its mounts. This park is connected to the ancient town by a large number of walkways that straddle the stream.

A children"s park with playgrounds, a restful and peaceful place

Torreilles stream

In the heart of Torreilles-village, you will come across this stream of bucolicwater dug out in the Middle Ages to feed the town"s "mill".

A peaceful place for strolling, "Ruzicka" artwork, etc.

The Bourdigou

This river is exceptional and unique. A natural connection from Torreilles village to Torreilles beach, it runs nearly 4 kilometres to the Mediterranean, where a lagoon is formed that mixes soft and sea waters. Today a large part of the area is classified and protected due to the fauna and flora that live there. A slightly Camargue atmosphere reigns over the place.

A very pleasant shady stroll or ride  along the canal, a picnic  area, remarkable fauna and flora, an area for fishing, green ways ...

The beach

Torreilles is different from the other resorts along the Catalan coast : historically working in agriculture and viticulture, the people of Torreilles have long shown little interest in their beach. Apart from the essentially local customs, summed up in a Sunday swim and the blessing of the horses on the day of St Jean, there was no tourist vocation on the beach, which received few visitors. In fact the beach was first used by tourists in the 1970s, when the peaceful beaches devoid of all constructions were home to "naturists".

The "Racine" governmental mission that went to work on the Languedoc-Roussillon coastline in the 1960s classified Torreilles as a spa resort. In search of a "green cut" following the establishment of the "new resort" of Barcarès (further north), this mission decided to freeze all large development on Torreilles - beach.

Today we can thank it for creating what is a veritable "small conservatory " of Mediterranean wetlands.

Unique fauna and flora, considerable remains of the Second World War (blockhaus), peace, serenity.

Agricultural lands

Agriculture and viticulture have always been the strengths of the local economic activity. Today still, despite the difficulties, numerous crops bloom on our lands depending on the seasons: lettuce, artichokes, apricots, vines, olive trees and even reeds spread over our fertile lands .

Markets, prestige wine evening, etc.

Let yourself be tempted! !


Discover all of our lands with our marked circuits. GPX files available for downloading.

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Guided tours

Discover the character and authenticity of our lands on guided tours (village, chapel and beach).

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