Torreillan heritage

Church of Saint Julien & Sainte Basilisse

In its ancient state, this is one of the most interesting churches of the Department. It lay in the category of the Romanesque churches with three naves. It was a heavy construction with its thick walls and its stone vaults arched in centring supported by solid pillars. The entrance door was opened in the south facade and four steps lead down into the building. On the outside, some gargoyles, finished in fantastic animal heads, allowed the water to run off and a square towertopped in a pyramid belfry overlooked the whole place as in the pure tradition of the Catalan Romanesque bell towers.

Almost a millenium old, our church has lived an unusual story since, a hundred years ago, the beautiful Romanesque building has given way to the building we know today which retains from its origins the foundations, the raised walls, the beautiful north side chapel, the apse in the sacristy and the mid-19th century altarpiece. After three years of closure for peril and nine months of works, the church reopened in 2017 and has once again become one of the "most distinguished modern churches in the department". The beautiful statuary offered over generations by the families of Torreilles and the old furniture are not for nothing in the harmony of the place which now lights up with a new "Sensory Energy", monumental work of the painter Géraldine Rosa de Villa, oil on stretched linen canvas, which radiates onto the southern gable, the whole colorful palette of restored stained glass. A total resurrection for this building, memorial centrality of our village and our community which rediscovers its religious as well as cultural function with its acoustically treated ceiling suggesting beautiful moments of classical music

Opening times: Masses Sundays at 9 a.m. in the tourist season. Otherwise alternate Sundays at 11 a.m..

Location: Avenue des Pyrénées - Torreilles village

Parking nearby

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Interesting buildings

Louis Blasi Square

Mentioned since the Middle Ages, this square is amongst the most ancient places in the town. A shelter for horses in the great floods, it has always been the core for all of the important times in the life of the townspeople: markets, traditional fairs, music festival... It was baptised with the name of Louis Blasi in 1945, in homage to this son of de Torreilles executed in 1944 in Ste Radegonde (Aveyron) for an act of resistance.

A truly Mediterranean square surrounded by plane trees, with a bustling life from modern times!

Opening times: entrance free, open all year.

Location: Torreilles, the main square of the old village - Avenue Maréchal Joffre

Parking on the square, fountain, public toilets, bars, restaurants, trades

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Juhègues's chapel

The jewel of the commune! A small path on the edge of the village will take you to this special place that will leave its mark on you!

Comprising a chapel dedicated to the virgin, a hermitage, a wall and annexed buildings, this site stretches over several hectares and has been magnificently restored by the commune in recent years. It hosts numerous events throughout the year.

Opening times: Open weekends from May to September from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. July/August, open from wednesday to friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m and at weekends from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Free entrance, self guided or guided tours. Closed during winter, possibility of visits on request.

Location: In Torreilles village on the road to St Laurent/Sque

Parking on site, fountain, public toilets

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Buildings and items of interest:

The Llobet house

The house of "Llobet" is one of the houses that mustn"t be missed in Torreilles. A noble manor par excellence, it was built by one of the members of this noble family who was bishop in the 17th century. It is an archetypical Catalan bourgeois dwelling: broad stairs, vaulted hall, a lot of openings and above all a large interior courtyard full of citrus trees. All hidden behind an imposing façade of pink bricks (or "cayrou" in Catalan), the main material used in the commune.

Magnificently restored by the Vignaud family, today it is "La Vieille Demeure", a benchmark in departmental tourist accommodation.

Opening times: Private home closed to the public, viewing only from outside

Location: 4 rue de Llobet, Torreilles village

Parking: no

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The Town Hall

Built in the late 19th century, this building bears witness to a special style of architecture in Roussillon. The imposing edifice is finished off with a small belfry. Restored in 1989, it is now home to the town council, previously having been the boys" school. The monument to the town"s dead is erected on its north façade.

Opening times: All year when the town hall is open

Location: 1 avenue de la Méditerranée

Parking on site, fountain and public toilets

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The childhood memories's square

Placed alongside the town hall, this brand new Mediterranean square has been developed on the site of the former girls" school. This building had been built at the beginning of the 20th century on piles to overcome the flooding. Its poor state of repair forced the commune to demolish it and only the playground of the heart of the school was preserved and restored.

Opening times: All year, entrance free

Location: Opposite the town hall, Torreilles village

Parking on site, fountain and public toilets

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The Secall's house

Opposite the Pont Neuf(new bridge), which was the former entrance to the village, an imposing building with light yellow walls draws our attention. Dating back to the end of the 19th century , it was long "the" place where the people of Torreilles came for entertainment . In fact, in 1914, it became a café run by the Escudié family with a hall of honour where dancing and cinema were featured. Bought back and restored by the commune in the 1990s, it became a place of creation , ofexhibition and dissemination of Catalan mosaic thanks to the Secall family. Maison Secall is now a gallery restaurant offering local cuisin.

Opening times : All year from Tuesday to Saturday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Location: Place Maréchal Joffre

Parking on site

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The remains of the World War II

The northern part of Torreilles beach has the largest blockhaus complex in the region. Built by the German occupants between 1942 and 1943, it formed part of a setup intended to prevent the Allied landings. All of the beaches were extensively mined at this time.

Since spring 2019, these remains have been listed as historic monuments. Recognition of the work undertaken by the municipality for the enhancement of this historic heritage which is an integral part of the Torreillan identity as well as the remarkable natural spaces at the heart of which it is nestled.

Opening times : All year, entrance free

Location: North beach

Parking on site, lifeguards, a tap to wash your feet and toilets in season

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Guided tours

Discover the character and authenticity of our lands on guided tours (village, chapel and beach).

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