Torreillan food terroir

Seasoned or blossoming gastronomists, amateurs of wines and local products , or simply a desire for authenticity... don"t hesitate to go off in search of our Terroir !

A land of excellence

Located on the lands of Salanque, in the north of the Roussillon plain, our territory is blessed with sun nearly 300 days a year. The name Salanque comes from "Sal Lanque", "les Terres Salées" (the salty lands), referring to the Mediterranean marshes spread around the area. Agricultural activity also dominates these rich lands, thick or chalky soils crossed by rocky streaks. Market gardening, fruit and vine crops predominate.


Present since Antiquity in our region, vine growing covered the whole of our agricultural lands (as far as sea !) for the whole of the 19th century and a large part of the 20th . This was the main economic activity and gave work to many people of Torreilles whose life was marked by the work on the vines (cutting, harvesting,...)

Between economic crisis and health crisis (phylloxera), the number of vines was reduced but some still remain, bearing witness to a past of abundance.


Small or large, smooth or speckled, red or orange, early or late ... many varieties, shapes, colours and flavours might define the apricot. But the most prized variety is still undoubtedly the "Rouge du Roussillon". Its juicy flesh, its sugary flavour, its aromatic strong potential make it an elite apricot !

Harvested in July, this fruit is loved just as it comes, or in a dessert in different forms: pies, jams, roast, in sorbet...


The "carxofa" has been present in the "gardens" of Roussillon since the 16th century . For the Catalans, the artichoke forms part of Roussillon"s cultural heritage. Their production shapes the landscape throughout the seasons. It is at the time of harvesting, when the tops point towards the sky, that we see the most beautiful of pictures.

Simply with salt, in a saucepan, steamed or poached, artichokes from Roussillon will brighten up your table. This is what makes artichokes from Roussillon a product that is highly appreciated and inseparable from our lands.


A staple food, olives, and more precisely olive oil , is one of the most energetic and healthiest foodstuffs of the Mediterranean basin. Present for centuries on the lands of Salanque , olive growing has known hard times (disease, bad weather...) in the last century. Today, the oil culture has regained its vitality to the great pleasure of consumers!

With its inimitable perfumed and fruity flavour, olive oil will bring the sun into your dishes!

Secret recipes

Catalan cuisine is characterised by a grande diversity of products well-soaked in character! Ancientin origin, it comprises dishes that are easy to make and without too many ingredients so that we can recognise the individual flavours of the good quality products .

In traditional dishes , such as "Boles de picolat" or "l"ollade", cooked meats and Catalan sweets are blended: some very simple delights forming part of the tastiest and most reputed traditions of our terroir.

To help you discover this Catalan cuisine, here you have a few recipe secrets , based on local products that you can easily make and share with those around you to delight your taste buds.

Where to unearth such treasures

The markets

The holidays are also the time to try the gastronomic specialities of Catalonia and to discover the local craft.

  • Morning markets : :
  • In the village : all year round, every Tuesday and Friday morning place Louis Blasi.
  • Evening markets in season (july/august) espace Capellans: :
  • « chalets village » every days from 6pm to midnightOn the beach
  • Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
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The local traders and producers

Take the chance to make a gourmand stop at the local producers and the traders who work with them. On your return, or maybe even while you are with us, you can but appreciate these products that combine know-how with quality. Local specialities just a taste away!

Consult the list of trades of local products 

Let yourself be tempted! !

The restaurants

Discover our lands through our expert chefs.

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Flavours and terroir

Terroir Tourism brings together local specialists of gastronomy.

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